About Us

Shepherd Guard Service was created to fill a void in the security industry with personalized security services. We are a full-service security company, fully bonded and insured, with over 20 years of combined experience in law enforcement and security. Our principals have been in the security industry for over a decade and started the company because they knew they could serve their clients more personally and efficiently by being directly in contact with them.

We cater to our clients' needs by customizing security programs specifically for them, and providing that security at competitive rates. Shepherd Guard Service staff can draw on the experience of the principals and managers due to the fact that they have experience in law enforcement, military, and Secret Service. This ensures that each client and each site has been accurately assessed for security requirements and efficient recommendations have been made and implemented.

Shepherd Guard Service utilizes the latest technology for reporting onsite and also utilizes redundant systems to ensure the safety of the site and the personnel. We also make sure our team is well versed in the current technologies as well as future technologies and applications. In the future, Shepherd Guard Service will be incorporating technologies such as:

• Video surveillance analytics
• Consulting and installation of more advanced access control systems including facial recognition and physical identity management
• Increased use of advanced applications of drone and robot technologies as they evolve
• Artificial intelligence applications for more automation as well as crowd monitoring
• Proactive consultation on other physical security advancements

When Shepherd Guard Service is on the job, our clients no longer have to think about security. We take care of everything from assessing the needs, placing the personnel, supervision and payroll. If there is ever an issue, one call to us is all that is needed and we take care of everything.

Outstanding Features


When you need someone to protect your job site or other property, time is critical. Many times it may take a security provider up to two weeks to mobilize personnel to your locations. With Shepherd Guard Service, we can often have security service onsite within hours.


At Shepherd Guard Service, we've put into place layer upon layer of procedures, accountability measures, and technology designed to ensure the absolute reliability of our services. You have the absolute assurance that when Shepherd is on the watch, you're covered.


Because the principals of the Company include former military and law enforcement officers, they understand the importance of these functions; they respect the needs of their clients for reliable security; and, they value the contribution to efficiency that solid business practices and organization can bring. In addition, Shepherd employs retired Secret Service agents, bringing another level of skill and expertise to the mix. As a result, Shepherd clients benefit from this competence


Occasionally a question or problem will arise, and it's usually at night or on a weekend. With many companies, you are limited to an answering service or, at best, a low-level manager to handle your needs. At Shepherd Guard Service, our clients have round-theclock access to principals. If something should come up, you don't have to waste critical time going through layers of bureaucracy. No matter the time of day, you'll have direct access to our key decision makers.


We offer Shepherd Post Verification - the latest proprietary mobile app that allows us to confirm the presence of a guard onsite as ordered. With this app, we can maintain digital verification at all times as to the location of our security personnel. We are one of the few companies in the industry to offer the cutting-edge technology developed through Shepherd Post Verification.
As an additional security measure for our clients and to ensure peace of mind, our Shepherd Post Verification Call Center makes personal verbal contact with each security officer approximately every hour they are on duty, and if two calls are missed by our security personnel, local law enforcement is alerted.