Take Preventive Measures to Protect Your Business

Take Preventive Measures to Protect Your Business

Speak with our workplace violence prevention service in Tyler, TX

Are you concerned about a threat to your company? If ignored, you might be liable for any damage or injuries that occur. Don’t risk the security of your business and employees. Contact Shepherd Guard Service LLC now. You can trust our workplace security force to keep your business and employees safe.

Call us at 903-245-3677 or 903-343-9838 today to speak with one of our security officers.

Learn about our workplace violence prevention process

When you hire our workplace security team in Tyler, TX, you can depend on us to guard your business. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Respond to your call quickly
  • Assess the situation and level of security needed
  • Send peace officers and security officers to the scene

Contact us today to learn how Shepherd Guard Service can protect your company.